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What fabric is your waholife lounger made out of?

All of our Waholife products are made from high quality, marine grade Sunbrella® fabric. Sunbrella® fabrics are highly UV resistant, holding their color even when exposed to the sun, salt and chlorine. Designed to resist mold and mildew, it’s very easy to keep your Waholife clean, simply brush off dirt and use a damp cloth for spills.  Please follow this link to learn more about the amazing Sunbrella® fabric we use. 

Will my Waholife come pre-filled with beans?

Due to the size and overall volume of filled bean bags, it is far more cost effective to courier unfilled bean bag inner and outer covers to our customers, allowing customer’s to fill their bean bags with locally purchased polystyrene filling to save substantially on shipping costs.   

Where can I buy beans from?

If/when you need to refill/fill your lounger with EPS polystyrene Grade A virgin beans they can be purchased at or other leading online and local retailers.  Please see unique link on this site for recommended retailers. Over time we recommend topping up your lounger for maximum comfort.     

How many beans does each Santorini lounger hold?

Santorini lounger - 14 cubic feet (380 - 420 litres) - some like it filled to the rim while others appreciate it a little less full - its up to you - another reason why we don't ship loungers prefilled.

How do I fill my Waholife?

The beans our to be housed in an internal polyester bag inside the outer covering.  If/when you need to fill or top up your chair(s), unzip both coverings, insert inner casing into chair, carefully pour your polystyrene beans into the internal bag (two people doing this can make life much easier - cut hole in one corner of packaged beans so easier to pour), shake it to ensure beans reach the corners, zip up both safety zippers (with paperclip if removed) and you are good to go!

How does it float?

Waholife loungers are designed to be filled with polystyrene foam beans which make them very buoyant, this coupled with the water proof and weather resistant materials makes for a very durable floating experience. The special mesh base allows for any excess water to quickly drain out of the lounger when it is removed from the pool.

Are there any special care instructions?

Waholife loungers are a very low maintenance product!  Sunbrella® fabric is mold resistant and easy to wipe down. We recommend cleaning your Waholife with a damp cloth and mild soap for spills and general dirt.

Can I leave my Waholife lounger in the pool over night?

Your Waholife can be left in the pool overnight, however we recommend removing your Waholife from the pool after use. All you need to do is slowly drag your Waholife from the pool, allowing excess water to drain from the mesh base as you remove it.

Waholife is an outdoor product and has been made to endure the outdoor conditions. During the off season we recommend that you store your Waholife in a pool shed, under shelter or garage to ensure you will get optimum use of it for many years!

Can I leave the Waholife lounger in the sun?

You can relax knowing your Waholife will withstand prolonged exposure to the elements and continue to look superb for years to come.
Sunbrella® fabrics are highly UV resistant, holding their color even when exposed to the sun, salt and chlorine.

What should I do with my Waholife lounger over winter (in cold climate zones!)?

Give your Waholife a good wash with fresh water. We recommend hosing it down with cool water, and wiping the cover with a mild detergent to ensure chlorine or salt is removed. Allow your Waholife to fully dry out. We suggest storing your Waholife somewhere dry and sheltered, ideally, the garage or pool shed OR bring it inside as it makes a great TV room chill out spot!

Will there be any import duties or additional charges to receive my order? 

If your order is to be delivered outside Canada it may attract import duty that  must be paid upon receipt of your shipment. These rules vary by country and are determined by local governmental agencies and not Waholife inc.

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